Why Do Cats Sleep So Much

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Cats spend most of their day sleeping and many people wonder why?

In scientific research studies it was found that cats sleep up to 15 to 20 hours a day.

This sleeping habit is connected to a number of factors which include: natural behavior, age, weight, and health.

Natural Behavior

Even though the majority of the cats are domesticated this action is still connected to their natural behaviors; similar to their wild cat ancestors like lions.

For that reason, they are more active during the night and, therefore, spend most of the daytime sleeping to preserve energy.

This is because naturally cats are predators and the need to preserve their energy in order to catch their prey. Chasing, hunting and catching take up a lot of energy.


Age is a great factor why cats sleep so much and is linked to their activity level that they have. Just like humans when cats are younger than a year old they tend to sleep a lot.

As they are still growing and are still slowly getting introduced to the new world that they have just entered.

Likewise, when the cat gets older they tend to slow down as they do not have the energy that they used to have. Some research studies suggest that senior cats actually sleep more compared to newborn kittens.

In addition, when cats get older they often develop joint issues which decrease their movement. This means that they tend to sleep longer hours.


Cats are similar to children as they can become bored quickly, especially when they are left alone for a few hours. Therefore, many cats resort to napping to pass by time.

If you think your cat is sleeping because they are bored; then it is a good idea to stimulate them. You can do this by providing them with toys especially, the ones that they can chase around.


Like humans, cats can become sick or develop illnesses because of age. As several illnesses like anemia and arthritis can make them tired which can result in them sleeping longer hours.

Veterinarians will give your cat medications to help them get better sooner. However, some medication can make your cat sleepy which is another factor for why cats sleep long hours throughout the day.


When a cat is overweight or obese they no longer have the same amount of energy level compared to a cat that has a normal healthy weight.

As like humans when you are carrying extra weight your body tends to use more energy up when moving around. For that reason, overweight cats become tired a lot more quickly which results in longer hours sleeping throughout the day.

The Weather

The weather plays a big role on a cat’s mood and behavior. For that reason, research studies have suggested that when the weather is cold and wet that cats tend to take more frequent naps compared to the spring and summer weather conditions where they tend to be more active when the sun is out.

Still Alert

Even though cats seem to be sleeping through most of the say they are still somewhat alert. This is because they spend 25% of the time snoozing which means that they are not in deep sleep. This way cats are still alert and aware of their surrounding, just in case they need to awaken if they feel something approaching them.

As a pet owner, you can determine if they are just snoozing by just seeing if their ears are moving and also if their eyes are a tiny bit open.

However, cats still do spend 50% of the time in a deep sleep. Having deep sleep is really important for cats because it allows their body to restore itself in order to stay healthy and energized.

You can tell if your cat is at deep sleep if they are curled up into a ball and their eye are closed shut.

Cats Snore Too

Just like humans cats snore too because of the same reasons; when the airway is blocked. Also, if you have a cat that has a short-nose like an exotic shorthair cat they are more likely to snore when they are snoozing.


Cats are still linked to their natural non-domestic behavior; this means that they are more active at night.

It is good to know as a pet owner that cats are highly adaptable; this means that they can change up their sleeping pattern in order to spend more time with you.


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