The 15 Coolest Live Animal Cams

One of the most amazing things about our current internet connected age is that we have access to all kinds of media we never would have been able to experience before.

With the just a phone or a computer and a webcam, anyone can broadcast anything to practically anyone else with an internet connection.

One of the most interesting and educational ways this technology has been used, is in the advent of animal webcams.

Now there are hundreds of webcams available to view all kinds of different animals as they go about their daily lives, and often these activities are more interesting than your average episode of Big Brother.

We have compiled the highlights for you, so you can creep on your favorite animals to your heart’s content. Or you can just leave one of these on in the background so your computer monitor can be a window into natures exotic wonders.

Penguin Beach Cam

Penguin Cam

Anyone who has seen March of the Penguins or Happy Feet has probably been enchanted by the cute little flightless creatures, and Penguin Beach has your best opportunity for extended viewing.

There are actually two cameras set up, one on the shore and one under the water, so you can see the penguins lounging as well as diving under the water and taking a dip.

Tropical Reef Cam

Reef Cam

For anyone who wishes they had a large aquarium in their house, there is’s reef cam. This cam contains all kinds of fish, big and small, and unlike some other animal cams, there is always something to see here.

This exhibit is made to represent the Blue Corner off of Palau and contains over 1000 animals. Live diver presentations take place 4 to 6 times a day. If you have an extra monitor, why not dedicate one to a full screen virtual aquarium using this feed?

San Diego Zoo’s Ape Cam

Ape Cam

Few creatures are as entertaining to watch go about their daily lives as apes. Whether they are swinging around branches or rough housing with their mates, apes always put on a good show.

The San Diego Zoo Ape cam chronicles the lives of two kinds of apes: orangutans, and siamangs. While the ape’s enclosure is large, the cam is controlled by zoo officials so there is always something to look at.

Animal Planet’s Ant Cam

Ant Cam

Those who can’t stand creepy crawlies may want to avert their eyes, but for everyone else, Animal Planet’s Ant Cam is a fascinating up close look at one of natures strongest (for its size) creatures.

This ant cam displays Leafcutter Ants, which spend all day carrying leaves back to their nests. Due to their inability to use Google maps, Leafcutter ants find their way back to their nests through the use of pheromone trails. It is easy to get lost in the beautiful chaos of all of these creatures crawling around.

Africam’s Olifants River Cam


The cool thing about this cam is that it is one of the few 24 hour African wildlife cams out there. It has its gaze set on the Olifants River in the Naledi Private Game Reserve.

Rivers are where all the action happens where African wildlife is concerned. Virtually every animal in the kingdom needs to go to the river to drink and bathe so this camera is right in the middle of the action. Here, you have the potential to see hippos, baboons, jackals, leopards and more, all in the same space.

Animal Planet’s Kitten Cam

Kitten Cam

It’s not like we really need to explain why this cam is great. It is home to kittens, some of the cutest creatures imaginable.

The current kittens’ names are Witchy, Spooky and Boo, and though they are the blackest of cats, their adorableness more than makes up for their unfounded reputation for being unlucky.

Warrior Canine Connection Puppy Cams

Puppy Cam

Of course we can’t leave the puppies out of the picture. Here is a heart melting display of puppies you can watch in all of their happy playful glory. These puppies are brand new to the world and seeing them feeding and sleeping just makes us want to cuddle all of them at the same time.

Atlanta Zoo Panda Cam

Panda Cam

One of the animal kingdom’s most distinctive creatures is on display courtesy of the Atlanta Zoo. Here’ you can see a wonderful family of pandas living their panda lives.

As you might expect, this involves lots of bamboo and rolling around in piles of leaves. One remarkable thing about this panda family, is that the mother and father panda gave birth to a pair of panda twins.

Houston Zoo’s Flamingo Cam

Flamingo Cam

Join the lucky visitors of the Houston Zoo in viewing these strange and gorgeous pink birds. The Houston Zoo is home to quite a few of these long necked long legged pink puffy birds and seeing how they move and interact with one another can be very interesting.

The best part is, pink flamingos are known for their terrible odour, but that won’t be a problem for those of you watching on your computer screens, unless you have smell-o-vision.

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sea Otter Cam

Sea Otter Cam

Join the Monterey Bay Aquarium in observing these furry adorable aquanauts as they roll around and play in the water.

You can also see trainers feed the otters and train them in all sorts of skills. Cute!

Monterey bay Aquarium Jelly Fish Cam

Jelly Fish Cam

There are few things in this world more soothing than watching a crowd of jelly fish float around beneath the water’s surface. If you are feeling at all stressed out today, you owe it to yourself to put on your favorite calming music, and full screen this internet gem.

Goat Cam

Goats are some of the silliest animals in the world. They eat everything they can fit in their mouths, they make hilarious noises, and sometimes they faint at the sight of an umbrella. So naturally, watching a webcam dedicated to watching these wonderful creatures is a fantastic use of your time.

Did you know they love climbing trees?

Brooks Falls Bear Cam

Bear Cam

Do you think bears are some of the coolest creatures on the planet? We do too. We’d love to spend more time with them if we weren’t so afraid of being attacked. Luckily, this webcam feed allows us to feel like we’re right there next to them.

Here, you can watch bears play with their cubs, and catch fish out of mid-air. Their reflexes are mighty impressive.

Ipet Companion Cat Cams

Ipet Companion

This is a truly special cat webcam experience. Not only do you get to watch the cats enjoy themselves, you also get to be part of the action.

With Ipet Companion, you can control the webcam view and even control toys to play with the cats from your own computer. This one is great for those who love cats but are tragically allergic to them.

What makes this site even better, is that you can look at different cat cams from across North America so you can play with a cat near you, or one that is thousands of miles away.

Monterey Bay Aviary Cam

Aviary Cam

The Monterey Bay aviary is home to myriad wonderful feathered creatures including black-necked stilts and snowy plovers. The camera moves around the large enclosure to get a full view of all of the action, and there are even some fish to enjoy as well.

Try to find the plovers blended in the sand. It’s like nature is playing a game of eye spy.



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