Is it okay to put my cat on a vegan diet?


Most vegans make the decision to cut all animal products out of their diet as a result of their love for animals and the environment. This love for animals also compels them to care for pets like dogs and cats.

But what happens when one of your pets is a natural meat eater?

Some vegans decide that it is okay for their cats to eat meat as this is part … Read the rest >>

5 Surprising Animal Shelter Facts And Myths

5 Surprising Animal Shelter Facts & Myths

There are plenty of really good reasons to adopt a rescue or shelter pet rather than buy from a breeder or pet store. They are more humane than puppy mills, the animals are great, and best of all, getting a pet from a shelter saves it from being one of the 2.7 million pets who are euthanized each year.

Yet, people are still apprehensive about adopting a pet from a … Read the rest >>

Connect With Your Cat by Understanding Their Ears

Long before they were used as the main part of someone’s lazy Halloween costume, cat ears have been used by cats for all kinds of important purposes. A cat’s ears are a key part of their survival and are useful in communicating emotions. Unfortunately, they also leave cats susceptible to infection and infestation. Knowing about how your cat’s ears work can increase your understanding of your cat in ways you … Read the rest >>