Should You Let Your Pet Sleep in Your Bed?

There is no question that most pets love sleeping in the same bed as their humans. Even with ample sleeping spaces for pets to occupy, that warm comfy elevated square is just so inviting.

So what approach should you take when considering whether or not to let a pet sleep in your bed with you?

Here’s some things to consider when weighing your options.

You may sleep better.

A study out of the Mayo Clinic has found that people who allow pets to sleep in their beds with them report greater feelings security and comfort. This is especially true for those who are single.


It depends on the pet.

Obviously, if you have a big dog or a rambunctious cat, then sleeping in the same bed may be a more disturbing experience than sleeping alone.

Then there’s the hygiene issue.

Dogs and cats can track in dust and dirt. Consider the fact that some dogs take walks right through the waste of other dogs, and the idea of bringing them into bed with you quickly becomes disgusting. However, sleeping with a dog or cat, probably won’t kill you.

Those who want to open their bed to their pets are advised to ensure that the pet has clean paws and a clean coat.

This goes double for people with dust or pollen allergies.

There are viable alternatives.

If your pet is not content to sleep on the rug, but you don’t want the furry fella cozying up with you at night, there is a wide variety of pet beds out there. You might be surprised to learn that they get pretty sophisticated (and pricey) if you really want to give your pet that ultra soft memory foam experience.

If you’re going to let them sleep with you…

Consider purchasing a ramp you can place in front of the bed to ease your pet’s passage. Jumping on and off a bed every morning can have a gradually degrading effect on a pet’s shoulders. Keep their joints healthy by not making them strain themselves each morning.

You can also do something of a compromise and get a dog bed to go on top of your own bed. You can train the dog to stay on this designated platform. This way, you get all the perks of sleeping with your pet, without having to roll around in shedded hair each night.

But be warned…

If your dog reacts poorly to you or another humans getting in the bed, you may have a problem on your hands. This may indicate that your dog is getting territorial about the bed, and is reacting in the interest of resource control.

Your dog should always understand that the bed is a privilege and that it is allowed to be there, only if it is given permission. This is why it is recommended that you hold off on allowing your dog to sleep on the bed in the first few years of its life, and teach it the ‘Off’ command, so it knows when it is welcome and when it is not wanted.


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