Pet Photography

Pet Photography Done The Right Way (Without a Fancy Camera)

Our dogs and cats are the cutest, most adorable beings to walk the earth. We know it’s true. And yet, it can be incredibly challenging to take a good picture of them. It is not that they aren’t photogenic. They are. They are just much more concerned with all of the wonderful things this world has to offer, than creating precious memories with that mysterious device you call a camera. So they get distracted, and you’re lucky if you can snap a photo of their wagging tail as they dart out of the room.

So how can we make it easier to get those wonderful photos of our furry family members without a fancy camera? Read on for our comprehensive set of tips.

Don’t Use Flash

There are a couple of reasons for this. First, the flash on your camera bounces off of the shiny eyes of your pet, causing them to look quite supernatural. If it is Halloween, this might be a desired effect, but for any other time, your pet will end up looking like it has come out of another dimension to take over the planet. Second, The flash may frighten your pet. The last thing you want is a picture of your pet looking terrified. If you don’t have good natural light and must use flash, do not point the flash directly at your pet. Try to deflect or redirect it somehow.

Get On Their Level

You may find your pictures will come out much better if you lay down on the floor with your pet and get some pictures from their perspective. Having pictures from this angle can give them more personality and more of a human-like quality because they appear to be from the perspective of an equal.

Try to Capture Their Personality

Your pet probably does things that no other pet ever does. You probably have a pretty good sense of what these things are. These are great moments to capture. They remind you of how unique your pet is, and why no other pet can be quite like it. If your goal is to capture memories of your pet, these are likely to be the ones that you most cherish.

Take Candid Photos

Often, the best photos are the ones where the subject is not coaxed into posing or holding still. Instead, have your camera ready and just hang out with your pet for a few hours. Every so often, call their name while your camera is pointed at them. In the brief moments just when you get their attention, take a bunch of shots. You will get lots of photos of great genuine moments with your pet.

Exercise Patience

Remember, your dog or cat does not care that you want a picture. It is going to do what it wants. If you really want a great photo of your pet, you will have to be patient and wait for the perfect moment. Do you think all of those incredible moments captured on nature documentaries just happen right away? No. They require days or weeks of excruciating waiting. Similar rules apply.

Take an Absurd Amount of Pictures

Dogs and Cats move around at pretty frantic speeds sometimes. You never know what moment is going to yield a brilliant photo. This is why it is important to just fire away with your camera when you are in the mood. What you will be left with is a selection of photos you really like, among a bunch that are unremarkable. Delete the unremarkable ones and keep the ones that are good.

Ensure that the Eyes are in Focus

Without sharpness on the eyes of the pet, the photo will have no soul or feeling. The pet doesn’t have to be looking directly at the camera, but the eyes should not be blurred out. Make sure to turn off the autofocus in your camera and adjust the focus on the eyes yourself, or your camera will likely focus on  a point which is closer in its field of view.



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