How To Trim Dogs Nails

How To Trim Dogs Nails

Like humans, dogs also need to get their nails trimmed as it is an important part of their grooming routine. If your dog’s nails gets too long there can be health issues and can also be painful.

Even though nail trimming is really important many dogs hate this part of the grooming process. It is also a task that many pet owners are afraid of doing as well.

However, this chore can become easy and less scary for the both of you if you just follow this simple guide on “How to Trim Dogs nails“!

Why is it Important?

Trimming your dog’s nails is really essential as it makes sure that your dog stays healthy and pain-free. This is because torn nails are extremely painful and if exposed can be easily infected by bacteria and/or infections. As a result, your dog may need to be given antibiotics or even would need to get the nail surgically removed.

When your dog’s nails become too long it can make it harder for them to walk. This is because it can cause strain and pain in their muscles causing them not to walk correctly.

Long nails can also grow around and into the feet causing an ingrown nail. This will make it more easy for your dog to get their nail infected and it is really painful.

Additionally, dogs that have long nails have higher chances of injury due to falls and slips when walking.

When are the Nails Too Long?

You can tell when your dog’s nails are too long because you can hear clicking noises when your dog is walking. Also, you can see when the nails are too long when they curve beyond the bottom of the toe pads. Any of these signs means it is time to trim your dog’s nails.

What is a Quick?

A quick is a part of your dog’s structure of their nails and it is something that you want to avoid when clipping their nails. It is a red fleshy section in the nail; you can sometimes see it through your dog’s nails or after you have clipped their nails. It contains nerves and blood vessels; therefore, if clipped it can cause bleeding and it is painful.

What do you do when nails become too Long?

When your dog’s nails become too long you need to make sure that you are extra careful when trimming their nails. When the nails grow too long the quick also grows with it. Therefore, when you are cutting their nails, there is a higher possibility of cutting the quick too. This can be an extremely painful experience for your dog if this happens.

Therefore, sometimes it is better to get some professional help when this happens. In some cases, your dog may have to get their nails trimmed at a hospital under anesthetics.

However, it is still possible to trim their nails at home, but you would have to be extra careful. You need to make sure that you cut the nails slowly in small amounts and you should start off at the tip of the nail. It is a process that will take over a timeline of a few weeks and it will also take some time for this process to become pain-free again.

How to Trim Your Dogs Nails?

Before you Start:

Before you start clipping your dog’s nails it is important to choose the right kind of clippers.

There are two kinds of clippers, the guillotine clippers and the scissors; both do the same thing but are used in different ways.

Guillotine Trimmer – has an immobile hole where you would place your dog’s nail in and move the trimmer up and down depending where your want to cut the nail. Then you would squeeze the handle where the trimmer can cut the nail.

Scissors – they look and act just like normal scissors, but they are made for cutting your dog’s nails. With the scissors, it is important to clip the nail towards you.

With regards to which one is best, there is not one, as they both perform as well as each other. However, it is important to choose something that you would be comfortable using on your dog.


It is important to start preparing your dog for nail clipping as a young puppy; this way they can become comfortable with the idea and make it a lot easier and the process will also become smoother.

Start with getting your dog used to the idea of your touching and playing with his or her feet, legs and nails for a few days. Once your dog is used that idea and feeling you can move onto the next step.

This step is when you introduce the nail clippers. All you need to do is touch the clippers on your dog’s nails so he or she can get used to the touch and become familiar towards this grooming tool.

Repeat this process until your dog becomes comfortable with the idea of clipping their nails.

How to Trim:

Trimming is simple once you get used to the idea and the technique.

First you should try and find a place where it is quiet and bring some treats and the clippers along with you. It is also important to keep clotting powder that is nearby, just in case you clip too far and that it can make sure to stop the bleeding.

Next, choose a nail to clip and take the toe and hold it firmly but gently. Trim the nail top to bottom and avoiding cutting the quick.

Where to Trim:

It makes it a lot easier when your dog’s nails are clear so you can see the quick. When you trim the nails you want to make sure that you trim the nail no closer than 2 mm away from the quick.

If your dog’s nails are dark, it is difficult to see where the quick starts. Then it is a good idea to trim a little of the nail at a time. Once you see a grey or pink oval this is when you stop clipping the nail.

Finishing Up:

After you have finished with the nail clipping process give a treat to your dog, to promote good behavior. At the start you may only get to trim one or two nails; however, over time you will eventually cut all your dog’s nails in one sitting.


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