Facts About Cats

Facts About Cats

Cats are the most popular pet in the United States even compared to dogs! There are 88 million pet cats compared to the 74 million dogs that are pets. If you love cats and have a cat of your own here are some interesting facts that you may or may not know!

Cats struggle with weight issues like humans

Like humans, cats struggle with extra weight which causes health issues down the road. Extra weight on cats can cause diabetes, high blood pressure, shorter life span and heart disease. With cats being petite, even a few pounds can cause them to go overweight and have health issues which can have lifelong effects. However, there are simple techniques you can use as a pet owner to tell if your cat or kitten is overweight. It is hard to keep cats still to put them on a scale; some of these techniques you can use at home include:

  • Can you feel their ribs? You should be able to feel the ribs distinctly with a little fat covering them if you cannot then your cat are overweight.
  • Does your cat’s waistline go inwards? If it does then your cat is not overweight.
  • Check your cat’s body for boney areas. There should be fat covering their bones, but they should feel prominent. If this is the case then your cat’s weight is fine.

 Cat’s can catch fleas too

Fleas are prominent during the spring and fall and during warm weather. These small insects can not only make dogs sick and uncomfortable but can also have the same effects on cat. Therefore, it is important to get your cat checked if you have any concerns that your furry loved one may carry these annoying little creatures. You can also purchase cheap cat meds for this nasty issue at WorldPetExpress.net.

Adult cats are lactose intolerant

In movies and ads, we see kittens and cats drinking milk out of their bowl. However, as a pet owner it is important to recognize that as kittens they are able to drink their mother’s milk. However, they have hard time digesting milk from a cow. You should stick to regular cat food and water when feeding your cat. Additionally, adult cats are lactose intolerant and if given milk it can cause:

  • Stomach to become upset
  • Unexplained weight gain or weights loss
  • If your cat was perfect with using the litter box it may begin to become messy
  • Changes in appetite and/or drinking habits
  • Mobility problems
  • Behavioral changes

Cats are not taken to the vet as often as dogs are

Cats are not taken to the vet as often as dogs are, however vet care for cats is important as well. It is critical that Cats get their regular check-ups because they are excellent with hiding diseases. Therefore, symptoms are hard to spot and only began to show when the illness or disease become serious. They can develop fleas, ticks and heartworm diseases without you even knowing. So it is important to have regular vet check-ups a part of your routine.

Cats do not have a sweet tooth

Cats are known to be picky eaters but did you know that cats cannot taste sweetness? This is because cats lack the receptor that allows them to taste things that are sweet. It also has to do with them being pure carnivores and how they have lost their ability to taste sweet foods. A genetic mutation has made various carnivores including cats unable to taste sweet food. This is because they have been subsisting off of meat as the only thing in their diet which has lacked the mutation development of tasting sweet flavors when the mutation first occurred.


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