Exotic Short Hair Cats

Exotic Short Hair Cats

Exotic short hair cats have been around for about 50 years and are an unusual cat that has been unknown for many cat lovers for a long time.

These cats have been known to have a lot of the same characteristics as a Persian cat, but the only thing that makes them similar is their exotic short coat.

Exotic short hair cats are extremely popular for people who live in America; as the lifestyle that Americans live is really complimentary to the exotic short hair cat’s personality. They are known for their playfulness and their preference to relax, cuddle and nap.  Hence, the reason why they are known to be more affectionate breed.

They are great for urban homes and families as they are easy to take care of and are great around people, dogs, and other cats.


Exotic short hair cats have only been around for approximately 50 years. They were engineered through an American breeder who wanted to cross a Persian with a Burmese in the 1950’s.

The breeder wanted to get a brown Persian. Instead, they got black kittens that had short exotic hair. Around the 1960’s they became really popular as they were cute, friendly cats that were low maintenance.

Physical Appearance

The physical appearance of an exotic short haired cat is really unique, as it closely resembles the same characteristics of a teddy bear. Unlike other cats, they have a medium length coat that is dense, thick and plush that almost never sheds. The fur ranges in a large spectrum of 96 different colors.

These include black, white, cream, blue, himalayan and tortoiseshell.

Exotic short hair cats are fairly big as they can grow up to 15 pounds. They have a big head with big eyes, chubby cheeks, a short snubbed nose, tiny ears, small paws and short legs. This is why many cat lovers consider them so adorable.


Exotic short hair cats have an easy going personality and have similar behavior traits to the Persian breed. They are a gentle, curious, loving and playful breed. They are great around children, dogs, and other cats and are not overexcited like other short haired breeds.

They like having company around them as they do not like to be left alone. As a result, they show a lot more affection and loyalty compared to other cats.

They are really quiet as they like to spend most of their time on their owners lap and napping. These cats also are amused by the little things in life; for example, watching the rain fall against the window.

They are also patient and are adaptable towards different environments, living spaces which makes them great for the city and living in apartments.

Activity Level

Activity level for an exotic short hair cat is low, but they are bit more lively compared to the Persian cat. This makes them perfect hunters for mice as they barely make noise.

They enjoy playing with toys, but they also like sitting quietly on a comfy chair. They are not an active cat compared to most as they would rather spend their time napping.

Health Concerns

There are not too many health concerns compared to a lot of other breeds. However, like any animal there are always precautions that you need to take as a pet owner in order to make sure that your cat stays happy and healthy.

They are more likely to develop the polycystic disease as it is hereditary and is caused by enlarged kidneys. The cysts in the kidney can be found through an ultrasound as they can start to form at only 12 months of age. But these cats would not face kidney failure until a lot later into their years.

Nevertheless, there are ways to prevent the development of a polycystic disease. Before purchasing an exotic short hair cat, make sure you ask for proof that the kitten’s parents are free of cysts. This can be easily discovered through a DNA test.

These types of cats also face breathing problems because of their flat faces and are sensitive to heat. This is why it is important to create cool areas or even air conditioned areas to help them stay cool when the weather is hot.

Like all cats, exotic short hair cats should be protected against fleas, ticks and worms as they can cause serious health issues.

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Behavioral Traits

What makes an exotic short hair cat so unique is because of their personalized behavioral traits; some of them include:

  • Like to sleep alone
  • Gets overheated fast
  • Love sitting on cool tiles or floor
  • Easy to live with
  • Will follow you around
  • Naps and sleep for long periods of time
  • Loves company
  • Enjoys the simple things in life
  • Perfect for someone that is calm

Feeding & Grooming

Exotic short hair cats are not that active so they are at higher risk of become obese. Therefore, it is important to keep them on a low-calorie healthy diet and keep an eye on how much you are feeding them.

Grooming is fairly easy when it comes to these cats as they shed very little. All it takes is to comb them once or twice a week to remove dead hair.

In addition, because of their flat face it is important to wash their face daily as their eyes tend to tear up leaving stains on their fur and to get rid of any dirt that may be on their face.


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