Dogs At Your Service

Dogs At Your Service

Dogs are not just cute and a loving, but they are also very helpful. They provide comfort, love and guidance towards humans.

In recent studies it was shown that dogs have helped many people overcome difficulties due to disabilities and disorders. They also have the ability to help out in dangerous situations.

It is really amazing how dogs have the ability to do so many things that even humans cannot do. Here is a list of some of the amazing things dogs are doing every day to make individuals lives a lot easier.

Autism Service Dogs

Many parents are using the aid of a service dog to help with their autistic kids. For instance, Autism Service Dogs help with emotional support by being there for the child. In addition, children with autism do not have a sense of their own person safety; therefore, these dogs are there for them by looking out for potential dangers.

Service dogs teach a child about responsibility, increase positive change in behavior, gives comfort, reduces stress and improves the ability for children to participate in education and in leisure activities.

Trauma Service Dogs

Trauma Service Dogs are used to help many veterans overcome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Many veterans face PTSD and have to adapt to a regular society again.

There has been research done on how Trauma Service Dogs have helped treat PTSD and its symptoms. Some of the things that they do include: helping veterans by providing companionship and help remind them about the feeling of love.

A lot of veterans have a hard time identifying what is considered to be danger; therefore, these dogs are there for them to help identify if there is actual danger. They also help them slowly transition into their new environment by being there with them, allowing them to trust again and being there as their protector.

Guide Dogs

Dogs have been used for years as a guide for many people that are fully or partially blind. They are there to help individuals avoid obstacles, stopping at the curb before on-going traffic and to help them with steps.

They help with negotiating traffic which helps ensure safety. However, if these dogs consider something to be unsafe they will disobey the owners demand. They also give the blind the sense of independence by making sure that they can get around safely and reduce the stress around them.

Anxiety Service Dogs

Anxiety Service Dogs are used to help treat and help people overcome anxiety. They are often brought into universities when there are midterms and/or final exams. Which help reduce anxiety and stress levels in students.

These dogs help humans release feel good hormones like Serotonin, Prolactin and Oxytocin which help reduce anxiety levels. They also provide comfort and help keep your mind off worrying. They also motivate people to exercise which increases self-esteem and in turn helps reduce anxiety levels in humans.

Depression Service Dogs

Depression Service Dogs have been proven to help people who are facing or going through depression. For instance, their physical touch helps calm down people by drawing them into petting them.

The act of petting a dog is soothing and improves mood in a positive way and lowers blood pressure levels. They are also great for improving self-esteem which really helps people to overcome depression.

They also reduce isolation and loneliness by always being there and comforting you. They also have a good sense when you are feeling down and will respond accordingly to make sure that your mood is changed in a positive way.


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