Tips For Introducing Your New Dog To Your Newborn

Tips For Introducing Your New Dog To Your Newborn

When your dog has been the center of attention for a long time and you bring home a baby for the first time it may become a little stressful in the household. Especially when your dog is used to the presence of adult only and getting 100% of the attention.

Babies in particular can cause issues with pets because they are new in the way they move, smell, and behave.… Read the rest >>

Preventing Your Pet From Getting Heat Stroke

Preventing Your Dog From Getting Heat Stroke

Many people look forward to the longer and warmer days as this gives a better opportunity of spending more time outdoors with family and friends.

It is important to remember that if you own a pet that you take the extra precaution to help protect them from the heat, especially with the recent summers being extremely hot and dry compared to other years.

Unfortunately, many pet owners forget that pets … Read the rest >>

Top 10 Tips To Stop Destructive Pet Behaviors

Top 10 Tips To Stop Destructive Pet Behaviors

It is completely normal for your dog to chew and dig up things as it is a part of their natural behavior. However, when your dog destroys things that you do not want to be touched this can be considered destructive behavior.

On the other hand, it is important to recognize that there are different types and different levels of destructive behavior and they all should not be approached the … Read the rest >>

7 Benefits Of Olive Oil For Dogs


It is common knowledge that fresh extra virgin olive oil is great on a salad, a marvelous cooking aid, and has quite a few health benefits for us humans. But did you also know that dogs can appreciate this wonderful culinary ingredient in much the same way?

Some wet dog foods already include olive oil as an ingredient, but these are mostly foods of the wet variety. Fortunately, adding olive … Read the rest >>

Tips for Take Your Dog to Work Day


If you are lucky, your work place might be one of those which designate a day during which employees can bring their dogs to accompany them while they work. This can be lots of fun for employees and dogs love it because they get to mingle with other dogs and finally find out where their humans go all day.

But the benefits do not end there. Studies have shown that … Read the rest >>

Bees And Wasp Dangers For Pets

Bees and Wasp Dangers For Pets

In the Summer and Spring time the weather is a bit nicer and it is a great opportunity to spend more time outdoors with your pets. Even though the weather is nice there are some dangers for your pet that include stings and bites from insects.

As dogs are naturally curious animals they love to run around a stick their nose in almost everything including bees and wasps nests. Outdoor … Read the rest >>

Pet Health Insurance

Pet Health Insurance

Pet health insurance is just as important as your own medical insurance.

Pet owners would love not to see their pet get ill or sick, but the reality is that there is always a possibility that their pet may need some kind of medical assistance once in their lifetime.

Unfortunately, if you end up in a situation where you would need medical assistance for your pet and you do not … Read the rest >>

10 Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pets

10 Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pets

Many people assume that because pets have fur or hair that they can adapt and handle cold weather; however, this is not true. Even though pets have fur, it does protect them fully from the cold weather. There are also many other hazards that come along with cold weather. For example, ice covered sidewalks, chemicals and vehicles are some of the reasons why cold weather can be dangerous.

But there … Read the rest >>

How To Pet Proof Your Home For The Holidays

How To Pet Proof Your Home For The Holidays

The holidays are something that everyone looks forward to; it is that time of year where you get the chance to spend some time with family and friends; including your pet. In addition, a lot of people take weeks and even months to plan out the holiday season.

This allows time to make sure that there is a perfect Christmas tree, decorations, lights, presents and food in the home. As … Read the rest >>