Why Do Cats Hate Water?

Why Do Cats Hate Water

When it comes time to give your cat a bath this maybe the most stressful part of being a pet owner. As many cats do not like getting wet and are sometimes fearful from even the sound of water.

However, in some cases cats are curious of water when it drips from the tap or are interested in the sound that water makes. But when it comes time for a … Read the rest >>

Make Moving Day Stress Free With Your Cat

Stress Free Moving Day With Your Cat

Moving into a new home is stressful enough, but having a stressful cat as well can make this process even more challenging. This is because cats are known for their territorial behavior which is why they become so attached to the environment that they live in. As a result, moving can also become extremely stressful for cats. It can cause many problems for you as a pet owner; for example, … Read the rest >>

Signs Of Lyme Disease In Cats

Signs Of Lyme Disease In Cats

Lyme disease is fairly uncommon in cats; however, it is a possible for your cat to develop this awful and uncomfortable disease. If Lyme disease is developed in your cat it can cause serious health concerns that have the possibility of killing your cat.

Hence, it is important as a pet owner to understand what Lyme disease is so you can look out for symptoms and protect your loving cat. … Read the rest >>

Pet Photography Done The Right Way (Without a Fancy Camera)

Pet Photography

Our dogs and cats are the cutest, most adorable beings to walk the earth. We know it’s true. And yet, it can be incredibly challenging to take a good picture of them. It is not that they aren’t photogenic. They are. They are just much more concerned with all of the wonderful things this world has to offer, than creating precious memories with that mysterious device you call a camera. … Read the rest >>

6 Creative Ways To Correct Cat Sleeping Habits

Bad Cat Sleeping Habits

Many cat owners face the recurring issue of their cat disturbing them when they are sleeping. Unfortunately, this is a normal behavior among all cats.

Cats of all species are known as a nocturnal animals. Nocturnal is when an animal or in some cases people are active during the night and sleep during the day.

Whereas, humans are considered diurnal this means that we are awake and active during the … Read the rest >>

10 Defining Natural Behaviors Of Cats

10 Natural Behaviours of Cats

When it comes to your cat it is important to be able to recognize their natural behaviors.

You may think that your cat is being friendly at one moment and easily irritated in another moment. This is because cats are their own species and have their own unique ways with communicating and expressing themselves.

Therefore, if you are able to recognize their natural behaviors it will allow you understand your … Read the rest >>

How To Make Your Cat Meow

How To Make Your Cat Meow

When it comes to your adorable cat you want to try your best to make them happy. However, sometimes it can be difficult to tell what really makes your cat happy.

With regards to their own health and well-being however, if you know the right things and the right entertainment it will be guarantee that your cat will be happy and stay happy.

Therefore, this list will give you some … Read the rest >>

Connect With Your Cat by Understanding Their Ears

Long before they were used as the main part of someone’s lazy Halloween costume, cat ears have been used by cats for all kinds of important purposes. A cat’s ears are a key part of their survival and are useful in communicating emotions. Unfortunately, they also leave cats susceptible to infection and infestation. Knowing about how your cat’s ears work can increase your understanding of your cat in ways you … Read the rest >>