Is it okay to put my cat on a vegan diet?


Most vegans make the decision to cut all animal products out of their diet as a result of their love for animals and the environment. This love for animals also compels them to care for pets like dogs and cats.

But what happens when one of your pets is a natural meat eater?

Some vegans decide that it is okay for their cats to eat meat as this is part … Read the rest >>

Should You Let Your Pet Sleep in Your Bed?

There is no question that most pets love sleeping in the same bed as their humans. Even with ample sleeping spaces for pets to occupy, that warm comfy elevated square is just so inviting.

So what approach should you take when considering whether or not to let a pet sleep in your bed with you?

Here’s some things to consider when weighing your options.

You may sleep better.

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5 Common Cat Behavior Problems Explained

Have you ever stared at your cat, wondering what is going on in its cute little head? Of course you have. Cats are very mysterious creatures, and their behavior frequently defies rational explanation. Or does it? The truth is, while a cat’s behavior may seem to make absolutely no sense, there is usually a reason a cat does the things it does. Here, we will explore the most common cat … Read the rest >>

11 Adorable Pet Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just a few weeks away and it is always fun to take this time of year to dress up as whatever you want.

This year, don’t let your pets miss out on the fun. There are plenty of ways you can make your pets part of Halloween, starting with outfitting them with their very own costumes. Not too crafty? No problem!

Here are 11 wonderful easy costume ideas … Read the rest >>

Carrier Tips For Cat Owners

Carrier Tips For Cat Owners

Trying to make your cat comfortable and less fearful of pet carrier’s can be stressful for your cat and for yourself.

As many cats become fearful of carrier’s because they connect them to a car trip that often leads to a veterinarian visit. However, there are many tips and techniques that a cat owner can use to make a carrier less daunting for your furry loved one.

Why Do Cats

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5 Surprising Animal Shelter Facts And Myths

5 Surprising Animal Shelter Facts & Myths

There are plenty of really good reasons to adopt a rescue or shelter pet rather than buy from a breeder or pet store. They are more humane than puppy mills, the animals are great, and best of all, getting a pet from a shelter saves it from being one of the 2.7 million pets who are euthanized each year.

Yet, people are still apprehensive about adopting a pet from a … Read the rest >>

Frontline Flea And Tick

Frontline Plus - Tick And Flea

What is Frontline Plus?

Frontline Plus is a monthly tropical flea and tick prevention medication for cats and dogs which is known to kill 100% of all the nasty ticks and fleas on your pet within 12 hours of applying.

Frontline Plus contains two main ingredients: fipronil and methiorene. They both work together by killing adult flea and ticks, eggs, larvae and also breaks up the flea life circle.


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Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much

Cats spend most of their day sleeping and many people wonder why?

In scientific research studies it was found that cats sleep up to 15 to 20 hours a day.

This sleeping habit is connected to a number of factors which include: natural behavior, age, weight, and health.

Natural Behavior

Even though the majority of the cats are domesticated this action is still connected to their natural behaviors; similar to … Read the rest >>

10 Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pets

10 Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pets

Many people assume that because pets have fur or hair that they can adapt and handle cold weather; however, this is not true. Even though pets have fur, it does protect them fully from the cold weather. There are also many other hazards that come along with cold weather. For example, ice covered sidewalks, chemicals and vehicles are some of the reasons why cold weather can be dangerous.

But there … Read the rest >>