Carrier Tips For Cat Owners

Carrier Tips For Cat Owners

Trying to make your cat comfortable and less fearful of pet carrier’s can be stressful for your cat and for yourself.

As many cats become fearful of carrier’s because they connect them to a car trip that often leads to a veterinarian visit. However, there are many tips and techniques that a cat owner can use to make a carrier less daunting for your furry loved one.

Why Do Cats Hate Carriers?

Cats do not necessarily hate carriers but hate what a carrier is linked to, for example a visit to the veterinarian. Another reason why cats do not like the carrier is because they do not like when their routine gets changed up or are taken away from their natural environment.

How to Make Your Cat More Comfortable 

  1. Start Early

If you introduce the carrier to your cat as a kitten it will allow them to become more comfortable with this object. Therefore, it is important that you have the carrier visible in their surrounding and treat it as a piece of furniture.

  1. Use Scent

Cats have a strong scent; therefore, if the carrier smells like the last vet visit they are less likely to go into the carrier. Therefore, it is a good idea to give the carrier a good wash after a visit to the veterinarian.

Remember to wash it will a scent that your cat likes for example, their shampoo. You could also place a towel in the carrier that your cat has recently slept on.

  1. Make the Carrier Nice

You want to make the carrier as comfortable and appealing as possible. You can accomplish this by putting a comfy bed in it, tossing in a few treats and toys; until your cat becomes comfortable using the carrier.

Steps to Get Your Cat into the Carrier

  1. Make the carrier comfortable with a comfy bed, treats and toys.
  2. Leave the carrier open in their natural environment.
  3. Once your cat is in the carrier give him or her some time before closing the door.
  4. Using calm words and slowly transport them to the destination that you desire.

General Carrier Tips

  • Avoid feeding your car an hour before your travel times.
  • Cover the carrier with a towel when travelling so your cat cannot see cars passing by.
  • Before going for your first long car ride take your cat on short trips to get use to the idea of travelling.

How to Choose the Right Carrier

When choosing a carrier for your cat you want to make sure that it is not to big or too small; therefore, choose one that your cat can stand up and turn around comfortably in.

Also make sure that the carrier can be opened from the top as well as the front. It also may be beneficial to have a carrier that has wheels as they can be really heavy.


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