Old Dogs At Greater Risk

Are Senior Dogs At Greater Risk?

Senior dogs are like humans and they require different care compared to when they were younger or even as puppies. You may start to notice that your dog may not have as much energy and is taking longer naps. However, this is no surprise because just like humans when we get older and/or age we are not as energetic as we were at a younger age. Like humans when we get older we encounter more health issues and are prone to diseases, illnesses and the flu and this is the same with dogs. Therefore, it is important to recognize the diseases that senior dogs are more prone to.


Obesity is a nutritional disease which is caused by excess body fat. This can happen to a dog if they are fed too much, lack the ability to exercise or have a tendency not to lose weight. Obesity can cause a reduction in life span and arthritis. Obesity is a common trend among senior dogs and it is important to take the right steps towards a solution to help stop and prevent this disease.

Solutions: Less food, more exercise.


Arthritis is the most common health problem in senior dogs. Arthritis is a ligament problem, where the ligaments are degenerating over time and cause instability and discomfort. And in actuality the effect that arthritis has on humans is similar to the effect it has on dogs. There is no cure for this disease, however, there are solutions to help delay the process and help with the pain that arthritis can cause.

Solutions: Good diet and nutrition, exercise, hydrotherapy & pet med supplements.

Dental Disease

Dental diseases can cause periodontal disease which is an inflammation of some or all of the teeth’s deep supporting structure. There are three stages of this disease that can cause it from being mild to severe. From affecting a little area of the gum to the bone structure that holds the teeth together. In most cases, this disease can be prevented by regular mouth hygiene care.

Solutions: Controlling plaque buildup by brushing daily and proper mouth hygiene.

Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks can cause discomfort and can make your dog sick. They can also carry deadly diseases that your dog can get. Even though, your dog might be older does not mean that they cannot be affected by these little annoying creatures. Therefore, it is important to take the extra precaution towards protecting your pet.

Solutions: Go for regular vet checkups and give your dog medications.


Heartworm disease occurs when your dog gets bitten by an infected mosquito. Heartworms develop in dogs just 7 months after they are bitten by an infected mosquito. However, it is almost impossible to tell as a pet owner if the mosquito is infected. Heartworms are difficult and costly to remove. This is why it is important to take the right precautions to protect your furry loved ones.

Solutions: Heartworm medications and visit your vet for regular check-ups


Diabetes is caused by either a lack of the insulin hormone or an inadequate response towards insulin. In addition, older dogs from the age range of seven to nine have a high probability of developing diabetes.

Solutions: Diet change, regular exercise, daily injections, pet medication and frequent check-ups at your vet.

Hearing & Vision Loss

Like humans when we get older, dogs experience hearing and vision loss just because of old age. Unfortunately, there are no direct solution or cure to help with hearing and vision loss; however, there are ways as a pet owner that can help make things easier.  For example, try and avoid approaching your pet from the behind because it may scare him or her. Also, try not to move or add new furniture to your room which may cause your dog to get frustrated and/or upset.

Solutions: Avoid scaring your pet by not approaching them from behind. Try to keep their surroundings familiar to them.

Heart Problems

Heart problems can arise with older dogs just because their bodies are getting older, because of a lack of exercise and from previous diets. Depending on the specific problem veterinarians, can give them medications and even implant a peacemaker in your dog to help them keep going.

Solutions: Good diet and nutrition exercise and supplements.

As a pet own it is important to realize as your dog gets older that regular check-up to your vet is greatly important. It can help monitor or prevent any of these diseases. In addition, it is important to understand that senior dogs are more likely to have the worst of the disease because their immune system is not as strong as it used to be. The one thing you can do for them is to keep a healthy diet and lots of exercise to prevent and delay these diseases.

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