A Guide To Finding Your Lost Cat

A Guide To Finding A Lost Cat

Coming home and realizing that your cat is nowhere to be found can be one of the most stressful and terrifying moments that you never want to face.

Unfortunately, pet owners everyday face this fear or uncertainty of their cat getting lost or running off.

There are many reasons why your cat may have become lost or disappear. The door may have been left open, an exit may have been found that has led outside and there are a number of other reasons as well.

But when you face this difficult situation what should you do in order to make sure that your cat comes home safely?

Before we address how to find your lost cat . . .

It is important to recognize some of the preventions you can take as a pet owner, in order to make finding your cat easier and less stressful.

For instance, by micro chipping your cat you can find your lost cat more quickly. It is a safe and inexpensive option where the veterinarian would place a small microchip underneath your cat’s skin.

With a scan and an ID code your cat can be easily found and be brought back home using a GPS system. It is also important to keep a current full body photograph of your cat on hand just in case you need it as identification when searching for your lost cat.

What to do when your cat gets outside?

If you see your cat run out of the house when the door opens, there are important steps that you should know to take.

Firstly, you immediately want to go after your cat, but it is important not to run or make a loud noise as this can scare your cat and cause him or her to run away even further.

If your cat stops to look at you, calmly kneel down and call your cat using a calm voice. And if your cat is calm and relaxed enough he or she will go right to you.

But what happens if your cat is still taking off 

If your cat still continues to take off and ends up hiding underneath something, what do you do in order to retrieve your cat?

At this point, you want to have some food and water near you and wait patiently until your cat feels calm to come out and eat.

What happens if your cat is not visible?

If you are in a situation where you return home and there is no sight or trace of your cat there are systematic steps that you want to take.

The first thing you want to do is search every corner of every room. It is important to think like a cat, so get on your knees and look underneath and behind the furniture. You would be amazed how your cat can squeeze into the tiniest spaces.

After you have done that and you still cannot find your cat, you want to take the next steps. This is wearing an old tee-shirt or clothes and work around your community. Cats have a very strong sense of smell and can pick up on familiar scents and will usually find a way back to you.

However, if this seems to be unsuccessful leave you t-shirt outside and hopefully your cat can follow your scent back home.

There is still no trace of your cat . . .

The next 48 hours are the most important. So you want to make sure that you go looking around the community again just after 2:00 am.

As this is a time when cats are most active. When walking around to find your cat have some food that your cat can follow the scent back to you.

Still no luck . . .

If you still have no luck finding your cat, the next step would be posting up fliers in grocery stores, telephone poles and handing them out to neighbors.

Also, you can call the local paper to put an ad in and even call the local radio station explaining how your cat is lost.

Most important thing to keep in mind . . .

Is to stay calm and focused because if you are stressed your cat may sense it and will remain hidden. It is also important to be hopeful and optimistic; as positive thinking can go a long way.


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