6 Of The Best Dog Socks

6 Of The Best Dog Socks

Many pet owners just use dog socks because they think it is a cute way to dress up their dog. However, what many pet owners may not know is that dog socks have much more benefits then just being cute.

That’s why we put a guide together that explains the benefits of dog socks as well as a list of the best dog socks which you can choose from.

The Benefits of Dog Socks

1. Warmth

Dog socks are great way to keep your dog warm during those cold months. Also depending on the type of socks that you choose it can also help with protecting your dog from salt and allergens too.

2. Traction

If you have a senior dog and slippery floors then dog socks will be a great investment; especially dogs who have hip problems or arthritis. This is because the socks will give traction which will help them stabilize to prevent further injury and/or pain.

3. Protection

Socks are great as it allows extra protection if your dog has already had a recent injury as they are soft and comfortable; therefore, dogs end up leaving their injury alone.

In addition, if you are taking your dog on walks in rough areas it will help prevent the bottom of their feet from becoming rough.

4. Protects Hardwood Floors

If you have just finished polishing your hardwood floors it can be heart breaking when you see scratches on them caused by your dog’s nails. Therefore, having socks on your dog can prevent your shinny floors from becoming scratched up.

5. Fashion

Dog socks are also a great accessory and make your dog look super cute. There are available in many colors, patterns and styles to fit your own personal taste and/or preference.

6. Simple & Easy

Dog socks are really easy and simple to use compared to dog shoes. They are also easier and more comfortable for your dog to use; whereas, dog shoes are known to be uncomfortable and harder for your dog to move around in.

Best Dog Socks

Petego Traction Control Indoor Socks

The Petego Traction Control Indoor Socks come in two colors: grey/black and pink/red in a set of 4.

They have non-slip traction; durable knit fabric and are clawproof which keeps dogs from sliding on hardwood floors and protects your floors from scratches.

There are also many sizes to choose from to fit any size dog.

            Sock        Quality          Price           Rating
Petego Traction Control               B           $13.78           3.5 out of 5

Como Puppy Knitted Socks

The Como Puppy Knitted Socks are super cute and come in a blue and brown print. The socks are 2.8’’ x 13’’ and are not pre-stretched and come in one set of 4. They are also really durable and are made from quality cotton and spandex. The thickness helps protect your dogs paws and prevents scratching on your floors.

            Sock        Quality          Price           Rating
Como Puppy Knitted Socks               A           $4.88           4.5 out of 5

WXBUY Dog Knit Weave Socks

The WXBUY Dog Knit Weave Socks are adorable with graphic designs and the variety of colors that they come in. The colors that you can choose from include: blue, black, pink, red, white and yellow.

They also come in four sizes as well: small, medium, large and extra large. They are knit woven with no-slip bottoms to help with traction.

            Sock        Quality          Price           Rating
WXBUY Dog Knit Weave               A-           $2.39           4.5 out of 5

RC Pet Production Dog Socks

The RC Pet Production Dog Socks have an anti-slip silicone sole and are stretchy cotton/spandex which is why this pair of dog socks are little more pricey.

They also improve your dog’s traction when walking on slippery surfaces. They are super comfortable, safe and functional but they only come in the standard grey/black color.

            Sock        Quality          Price           Rating
RC Pet Production               B+           $15.00           4 out of 5

Woodrow Wear Power Paw Sock

The Woodrow Wear Power Paw Sock is great and super protective. They help protect your dog from the heat and the cold weather conditions throughout the year.

They come in a variety of sizes supporting dogs that are anywhere from 7 to 90 pounds. They also prevent slipping and give traction for senior dogs that have hip problems or arthritis.

They are a little expensive though.

                 Sock        Quality          Price           Rating
Woodrow Wear Power Paw              A-           $24.99           4.5 out of 5

RC Pet Products Dog Socks

The RC Pet Product Dog Socks are stylish with a stripes design. They come in five sizes: extra-small, small, medium, large and extra large. They are known to help with your dog’s traction from slipping around the house and also has a anti-slip traction soles too. They are made of soft quality cotton which make them super comfortable for your dog to wear.

                 Sock        Quality          Price           Rating
RC Pet Products Dog Socks              B+           $10.00           4 out of 5




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