Bad Cat Sleeping Habits

6 Creative Ways To Correct Cat Sleeping Habits

Many cat owners face the recurring issue of their cat disturbing them when they are sleeping. Unfortunately, this is a normal behavior among all cats.

Cats of all species are known as a nocturnal animals. Nocturnal is when an animal or in some cases people are active during the night and sleep during the day.

Whereas, humans are considered diurnal this means that we are awake and active during the daytime and sleeping at night.

However, this can cause a big issue when you have a cat.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that you will never experience a good night’s rest, this is because there are things you can do to correct your cats sleeping schedule. This way your cat will be asleep at the same time as yourself.

Here are some ways that you can correct your cat’s sleeping habits:

Increase Play Time

Increasing playtime is a great way to help ensure your cat is sleeping through the night. Make sure you increase playtime during the daytime with toys that have movement. For example, a ping-pong ball which will promote movement.

However, it is especially important to play with your cat 15 minutes before it is time for bedtime. This will allow your cat to feel tired so you can make sure you get enough sleep too.

Feeding Schedule

It is important to have a strict and consistent feeding schedule with your cat. For example, it is a good idea to feed your cat just before it is time for bed. This will allow him or her to feel full which promotes sleep.

If you cat happens to be up during the night because of hunger, then it is a good idea to have a timed feeder.  This will allow your cat to have access for food instead of waking you up. However, make sure the portions are small to avoid weight gain.

A Cat Friend

Purchasing and introducing another cat is a great way to keep your cat busy, without disturbing you at night. This is because your cat now has someone to play with and keep him or her company throughout the night.

However, it is important to do some research ahead of time to avoid further conflict. This is because some cat breeds do not get along with each other and you want to make sure as a pet owner that they are happy together.

Separate Beds

It is important to establish separate beds from yours and your cats. This way it will stop your cat from getting into your bed at night when you are asleep. In addition, it is important to separate what is your things from what is your cat’s things.

Therefore, make sure you choose a bed for your cat that they would feel comfortable with. Put the bed in a location where they feel it is a safe environment and a place that they can call it they’re own.

With regards to the training process, start by putting some catnip on their bed to promote the idea of sleeping on their own bed and space.

Sleeping Schedule

Cat’s are like children in that they love consistent schedules and daily routines. In addition, they hate surprises. This is why it is so important to start your cat off at a young age and establish a consistent routine.

For example, keeping the sleep, food, outdoor and playtime on a consistent schedule every day. This way you can get your cat to sleep through the night and not disturbing you.

What Not To Do

There are few things that you should not do in order to make sure that you cat sleeps throughout the night.

Here is a list for “What Not To Do”:

  • Do not get up to feed during the night
  • Do not get up to play
  • Do not give attention
  • Do not punish for bad behavior (correct behavior)
  • Do not allow sleeping in your bed





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