How To Stop Your Dog From Scratching

Why Dogs Scratch Themselves

It is a natural thing for dogs to scratch themselves.

However it can be a bit worrisome for some pet owners as they are unsure if something is wrong with their pet. Additionally it can be annoying if your dog is scratching other things besides themselves such as furniture, plants, and carpets.

Its possible for even the most obedient puppies to do some scratching from time to time and therefore … Read the rest >>

5 Strange Dog Behaviors Explained

We like to think we know all about our dogs. It is true that they are highly proficient at communicating with us, and the bonds we share are unlike those with any other animal. Still, there are some things they do, which are totally void of any reason or rationality. Sometimes these sorts of behaviors can even be considered harmful to themselves and annoying to others. Here we explain some … Read the rest >>

The Benefits Of A Pet Microchip

Benefits Of A Pet Microchip

A worst nightmare for pet owners is when they come home and realize that their furry loved one is nowhere to be found. And unfortunately, many pet owners face this reality as there are up to 8 million dogs that end up in shelter every year.

For that reason, it is crucial to make sure that you take the right precautions in order to ensure that this tragedy does not … Read the rest >>