How to Be a Professional Dog Walker

The image of a professional dog walker is not perceived to depict the most glamorous of dog related professions, but dog walking can be a truly rewarding career for the right person. Dog walkers, simply put, walk other people’s dogs. They are known to walk as many as ten dogs at a time. They are mostly found in major metropolitan areas where apartment bound dogs are in need of exercise … Read the rest >>

How To Make Vet Visits A Fun Experience For Your Dog

Fun Vet Experience

Vet visits with your dog can be difficult, scary and a lot of work. This is why it is important to take the right steps for your dog, so the trip to the vet is an enjoyable one.

In most cases if your dog’s first trip was a dreadful experience, you dog will remain fearful with other upcoming vet trips.

Additionally, dogs do not understand the benefits of visiting the … Read the rest >>

10 Defining Natural Behaviors Of Cats

10 Natural Behaviours of Cats

When it comes to your cat it is important to be able to recognize their natural behaviors.

You may think that your cat is being friendly at one moment and easily irritated in another moment. This is because cats are their own species and have their own unique ways with communicating and expressing themselves.

Therefore, if you are able to recognize their natural behaviors it will allow you understand your … Read the rest >>

Planning A Pet Friendly Road Trip

Perfect Dog Road Trip

During the summer time road trips are a great idea because of the great weather and long days. However, when you have a dog you also want to bring them along to experience the excitement of travelling somewhere new.

When travelling with your dog there are things to consider. This is why it is important to pre-plan your trip and get your dog ready a few days in advance.

Here … Read the rest >>

Keep Your Cat Cool This Summer

Keep Your Cat Cool

If you are looking to keep your dog cool then make sure you check out our blog here.

Summer is fast approaching which means longer and warmer days. However, this means that it is important to keep cool in the summer so we do not overheat.

This goes for the same for your cat. Cats are fairly independent and they can manage and maintain their bodies from not overheating. … Read the rest >>

5 Stories Proving That There is a Hero in All Dogs

Hero Dog

There are plenty of great reasons to have a dog. The companionship and love they provide cannot be overstated. They also happen to be brilliant and helpful animals in all sorts of situations. When the love they have for their humans combines with their special canine capabilities, dogs are able to execute extraordinary acts of heroism.  The heroics of dogs extend far beyond barking when an intruder approaches your home. … Read the rest >>