How To Tell What Is Poison Versus A Treat For Your Cat

Poison Vs. Treat For Cats

Once in while you want to treat or spoil your cat with a little treat. However, it is important to realize that some treats may seem harmless to you but might be poisonous to your furry loved one.

For instance, it is important to recognize that some of your normal daily food that may be around your house can cause life-threatening illnesses even death if eaten by your cat.  So … Read the rest >>

How To Keep Your Dog Cool

How To Keep Your Dog Cool

As summer is soon approaching we feel that the weather is warming up quickly! We start to experience our bodies getting warmer as well. However, our dogs also feel this weather change and experience the warmth on their bodies too! But did you know that dogs are more prone to get heat stress than humans? Overheated dogs can develop breathing difficulties which can cause them to be tired often and … Read the rest >>

Facts About Cats

Facts About Cats

Cats are the most popular pet in the United States even compared to dogs! There are 88 million pet cats compared to the 74 million dogs that are pets. If you love cats and have a cat of your own here are some interesting facts that you may or may not know!

Cats struggle with weight issues like humans

Like humans, cats struggle with extra weight which causes health issues … Read the rest >>

How To Prevent Heartworms In Your Dogs

Prevent Heartworms in dogs

Mosquito season is soon approaching which means your dogs are more likely to be infected with Heartworm disease. Heartworm disease is found in many parts of the United States including: Oregon, California, Arizona and in dessert areas. Heartworms develop in dogs just 7 months after they are bitten by an infected mosquito. However, it is almost impossible to tell as a pet owner if the mosquito is infected. Heartworms are … Read the rest >>

Protect Your Pets And Get Them Vaccinated

Vaccinate Your Pets

The importance of getting your pets vaccinated:

Vaccinations are really important for your furry loved ones to live a long and healthy life. Some of the diseases that your pets can be in contact with can cause lifelong and deadly health issues.

Vaccines contain modified live or dead viruses or bacteria that do not cause disease. However, produces antibodies that create immunity against them.

The price of a vaccine is … Read the rest >>

Flea The Tick Season

Flea and Tick Season

Flea and tick season is here and these small critters can not only make your pets sick and uncomfortable, but can also make you sick too.

There are many products that are available to help keep ticks and fleas away and stop this nasty disease from spreading.

When should you take action?

It really depends where you live! Fleas and ticks are known to be the worst during warm weather … Read the rest >>