Dog Grooming Routine

Dog Grooming Routine

Having a regular grooming routine will make your dog look clean, smell good, keep up physical maintenance and helps make sure that they maintain optimal health.

Grooming helps make sure that your pet does not get fleas and ticks and infections.

There are 5 simple grooming steps that you need to make sure you follow regularly:

1. Bathing

Bathing is an important part of a dog’s hygiene just like humans. … Read the rest >>

How To Make Your Cat Meow

How To Make Your Cat Meow

When it comes to your adorable cat you want to try your best to make them happy. However, sometimes it can be difficult to tell what really makes your cat happy.

With regards to their own health and well-being however, if you know the right things and the right entertainment it will be guarantee that your cat will be happy and stay happy.

Therefore, this list will give you some … Read the rest >>

Dogs At Your Service

Dogs At Your Service

Dogs are not just cute and a loving, but they are also very helpful. They provide comfort, love and guidance towards humans.

In recent studies it was shown that dogs have helped many people overcome difficulties due to disabilities and disorders. They also have the ability to help out in dangerous situations.

It is really amazing how dogs have the ability to do so many things that even humans cannot … Read the rest >>

Connect With Your Cat by Understanding Their Ears

Long before they were used as the main part of someone’s lazy Halloween costume, cat ears have been used by cats for all kinds of important purposes. A cat’s ears are a key part of their survival and are useful in communicating emotions. Unfortunately, they also leave cats susceptible to infection and infestation. Knowing about how your cat’s ears work can increase your understanding of your cat in ways you … Read the rest >>

10 Must Know Safety Tips About Your Pets

10 Pet Safety Tips

When it comes to your pets you would do anything for them. However, there are small things that you might not be aware of that might put them into a dangerous situation.

It is important to educate yourself on some safety tips and advice which might help save your pets life.

Keep Electrical Cords Out of Sight

Electrical cords are found all around your house and they are usually found … Read the rest >>

Help Prevent Joint Pain And Arthritis In Your Pets

How To Prevent Joint Pain & Arthritis

Arthritis is a painful joint disorder that many humans face daily and recognize the struggles of living with it. This is no different for your dogs and cats!

Therefore, it is important to get the proper knowledge of what arthritis is, what causes it and how to prevent it. This is why we put together a guide about arthritis so you can help your dog live a comfortable and healthy … Read the rest >>

Growing Concern With Obesity In Dogs

Concern With Obesity In Dogs

Obesity has been a growing concern in North America with many people. As a result of fatty foods, not enough exercise, over eating and genetic problems obesity has become an epidemic.

This issue and concern around obesity has also been a growing problem among dogs.

It seems as though our bad habits have been adopted by our loving furry animals as well.

What is obesity?

We always hear the term … Read the rest >>