11 Adorable Pet Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just a few weeks away and it is always fun to take this time of year to dress up as whatever you want.

This year, don’t let your pets miss out on the fun. There are plenty of ways you can make your pets part of Halloween, starting with outfitting them with their very own costumes. Not too crafty? No problem!

Here are 11 wonderful easy costume ideas for your little furry friends.

Chia Pet

Dog Plant Costume

Remember those old TV commercials with the cute terracotta animals which used chia seeds to grow foliage resembling fur? Of course you do. Chia pets have been familiar site on the porches of America’s grandparents for years and now your dog can join them. “Ch ch ch chia!”


Dog Pirate Costume

Is your dog the type to take without asking, and always up for adventure? The pirate costume will fit his personality nicely. The hat and red cape will complete the look nicely. The eye patch is a judgement call as your dog may not take too kindly to having something fastened so securely on his head.


Dog Princess Costume

Perhaps your dog is one to appreciate the finer things in life? A dog that is above drinking out of the toilet and rolling around in garbage is perfect for a princess costume. If you have a child who went out as a princess for a past Halloween, and has since grown out of the costume, why not give it a second life and hand it down to your pup?


Dog Sunflower Costume

This one is particularly easy to do yourself. Just get some green fabric to make the jacket for your dog, and then cut and sew petals together in the colors of your choosing. Just be aware that while your dog may look like a flower, he will still smell like your dog.


Dog Hunter Costume

If your dog has an especially strong inclination to tear apart stuffed animals, this will work especially well. Outfit your dog with the traditional back woods hunting apparel and put a toy duck/deer/prey of your choice in the house. Your dog will make quite a scene out of stalking and striking while it is wearing its camo and flannel.


Dog Pumpkin Costume

Be honest with us. Does your dog stink? It’s okay; lots of dogs do. Explain it away by dressing it up as a skunk. Now your dog’s unpleasant odor is just part of the costume. No one can blame your dog for having a commitment to its character. She’s method. She’s the Daniel Day Lewis of dogs.


Dog Prisoner Costume

If you expect your dog to misbehave to the extent of being put in a kennel or some other enclosure at your next Halloween party, why not dress her for the part?


Cat Lion Costume

This one is for those of you who have a cat who is so docile that it will put up with wearing a hat for an extended period of time. Bring out your cat’s inner king of the jungle by outfitting it with a glorious mane. Just be careful. A few hours with that glorious head of hair and it may start thinking it can do whatever it wants.


Dog Devil Costume

The classic devil costume is perfect for those pets who are always getting into trouble. If you don’t want to go for the whole red cloak shebang, just outfit your dog with horns and an arrow at the end of their tail.


Dog Witch Costume

This one works best if you want your pet to wear a costume but you don’t want to put too much effort in. Just get the traditional black cone witch’s hat and a little broom stick to play fetch with. It’ll be adorable and take no time at all.


Silly Dog Clown Costume

This may be the costume that best fits the personalities of our pets. Like clowns, they are goofy and hilarious, always making us laugh with their antics. Whether you are amused by clowns or find them terrifying, they will be a lovely addition to your Halloween party as long as they come in the form of your pet.


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