10 Pet Safety Tips

10 Must Know Safety Tips About Your Pets

When it comes to your pets you would do anything for them. However, there are small things that you might not be aware of that might put them into a dangerous situation.

It is important to educate yourself on some safety tips and advice which might help save your pets life.

Keep Electrical Cords Out of Sight

Electrical cords are found all around your house and they are usually found on the floor. However, this is extremely dangerous for your pets. As they can mistake electrical cords as a fun toy to play with. They can cause shocks and burns that are very painful.

Tip: Tuck away cords, encase them and use a single cord shortener.

Rubber Bands & Strings

Rubber bands and strings are items that your pet would love to get their paws on. However, these small items are dangerous and can cause a lot of damage. They can cause discomfort and choking when swallowed.

Tip: If you see it in your pets’ mouth gently pull it out and don’t leave any laying around.


Dehydration can be a serious health risk if your pet does not get enough water. They especially need a lot of water after playing and during the summer season when its hotter. If you think your pet is suffering from dehydration make sure you see your vet.

Tip: Keep out two bowls of water when you leave the house and make sure your pet gets fresh water everyday.

No Chocolate

Chocolate is a toxic substance for cats and dogs. It can cause heavy panting, seizures, vomiting and can lead to death.

Tip: Keep it out of reach.


Houseplants are something that some pets love to chew on; however, they can be extremely toxic to them. Some harmful plants include amaryllis, lily, mistletoe, azalea, oleander and philodendron. If you believe that your pet has ingested a houseplant visit your vet or contact Animal Poison Control Center.

Tip: Keep them on high counter-tops so they are out of reach.

Keep Out of the Sun

The summer heat and the sun are dangerous for your pets. It can cause dehydration and even heat stroke. Animals tend to heat up a lot faster than humans because of their fur so it is important to keep them cool. And never leave them in the car alone.

Tip: Keep water close by, keep them indoors during the summer and take them outdoors in the early mornings and afternoons when it is not as warm outside.


Even if you are a loving and responsible pet owner it is always a good idea to have some kind of identification on your pet which would lead them back home. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Tip: On the collar make sure you have a home address and phone number.

Get Your Pet Vaccinated

It is important to get your pet vaccinated and give them pet meds when needed. This will prevent them from serious diseases and getting sick. It will also protect your health as well.

Tip: Visit your vet for more details and information.

Car Ride

Car rides can be lots of fun and something that your dog enjoys too. However, when it comes to car rides, as a pet owner it is important to consider safety. Like yourself it is important to keep your dog secure during a car ride in case of an accident. For example, by putting them in a crate or carrier when taking your pet for a car ride will ensure that they are safe.

Tip: Get your pet comfortable with a crate at home before taking them on a trip and/or car ride.

During the Winter

During a cold winter, a lot of times you can find salt, ice, antifreeze and other toxic chemicals on the roads and side paths. These toxins are harmful to your pet.  They can cause your dogs paws to get chapped and sore.

Tips: Wipe off their feet and legs after your pet has been outside.


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